Fresh CBD hemp flower

Nothing is as challenging as buying and stocking up fresh CBD hemp flowers, not even hunting and searching for the perfect hemp with the exact flavor and effect you desire. When you buy premium hemp flowers in bulk and plan to keep it within reach so you can have some whenever you feel the need, its mode of storage will determine if its original flavor and potency will remain. The storage can determine if it will be degraded or will still be fresh. Proper storage and adherence to the appropriate practices can make your hemp last longer without losing its taste and effects, whatever the challenges of storing hemp may be.

Fortunately, At Pineapple Society, we have the proper knowledge of storing our CBD flowers to ensure we provide our clients with fresh and effective products whenever they place their orders. Here are the steps we take to ensure you get nothing but the freshest CBD hemp flower every time;

  • We Maintain Proper Temperatures

The cultivation and preparation of hemp flowers involve lots of drying and curing to remove unnecessary moisture and maintain the perfect taste of the leaf. We go further to ensure the CBD hemp flower grown for wholesale does not develop mold and mildew, capable of jeopardizing the harvest of ripe hemp.

For us, gifting you the perfect strain of CBD flower goes beyond the drying and curing process. We store our hemp by maintaining a balanced storage condition with temperatures between 77° and 86°.

  • We Protect Hemp Flower Against Harsh Light

When you purchase CBD bud from us, you are assured that your hemp flower has not been put under the glare of harsh light, which can reduce the quality of the hemp. When you deal with us, trust the process because we avoid the loss of cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes that can lead to low flower quality. Our customers are always going to consume fresh CBD hemp flowers.

  • We Choose The Perfect Containers

As a foremost B2B CBD flower supplier, we do not store your hemp in plastic bags. We know better that plastic bags cannot give adequate protection against the elements. We make use of Mason jars to ensure an airtight seal. Also, they provide perfect protection against any form of moisture and bacteria, an extra boost of protection against any element capable of contaminating your hemp. Our Mason jars will keep the satisfying scent intact.

  • We Invest Greatly In Quality Control

Producing CBD smoke for online sale does not end when the hemp is harvested. Experienced farmers know they must be vigilant in checking up the hemp they have stored from time to time, just as they did during cultivation. We have established a reliable quality control routine in our facility to facilitate perfect lighting, humidity, and climate.

  • We Pay Attention To The Storage Needs Of Each Strain of Bud

Each bud requires special storage. We undertake whatever is necessary to ensure the CBD flower you purchase from us is well stored and kept fresh. You do not want to smoke a CBD flower that will cause you further health complications resulting from its bad storage. What you require is smoking fresh CBD hemp flower, and it is our job to provide you with that by our effective storage modalities.

End the wait now and shop our organic, high-quality CBD flower and CBD-infused coffee now.

Fresh CBD hemp flower

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