Cbd Flower Wholesale Suppliers

Many people nowadays prefer the CBD flower since it offers the health benefits of cannabis without the high effect. Hemp flower is not psychoactive but helps in several soothing ailments. CBD hemp flower wholesale contains less than 0.3% THC, the recommended level for a CBD flower to be legal in the U.S.

Hemp flower is not processed and contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients. Also, the bioavailability of CBD is high.  

Here is why you should purchase CBD bud from us. 

Quality CBD hemp flower

Our quality CBD buds do not have seeds and are hand-trimmed. By handpicking, all the leafy materials are removed from our buds to remove the harsh taste. We adequately cure our buds to have more flavor and terpenes. 

Certificate of analysis

We taste each batch of our CBD flowers through an independent third-party lab. The CoA shows the level of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in our CBD hemp flower. The CoA will also help you reveal if our flowers are grown in a clean environment free from pesticides. 


Buying from a reputable seller ensures you can quickly contact them and get the answers to your questions. We direct our clients to a doctor or medical professionals to guide them on using our CBD hemp flowers. 

CBD and THC content

The CBD hemp flower has a CBD level of 6-10 percent. They are suitable for soothing ailments and provide soothing relief and more excellent value. CBD product with over 0.3% THC is illegal in the U.S. Our CBD flowers have the right content of THC; therefore, you are not at risk of getting paranoid or anxious. 

Our flowers contain both cannabinoids, which enables the entourage effects, thus working together to enhance the full benefits of the flower. 

Variety of CBD strain

We sell all three strains of CBD; Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa CBD flowers are suitable for use during the day since they have an uplifting effect. It will help you feel more productive and focused. 

Indica CBD flowers are relaxing and sedative-like. The high myrcene content gives them a sedative and soothing effect. They are suitable for use after a long day. 

Our hybrid CBD flowers are a mixture of both Indica and Sativa, with one strain being dominant. 


Our quality CBD hemp flowers come with an intense aroma indicating richness in terpenes for more potent effects. If you are purchasing CBD smoke online, it will not be possible for you to smell. However, we have provided helpful information online regarding the taste and smell of each strain.


High-quality CBD flowers have a green color that ranges from light green to dark green. Our CBD flowers have a combination of green and purple colors. 

These bright, robust, colorful flowers indicate high-quality products. 

Excellent customer service

We offer clients a range of unique products that are consistent and of the highest quality to choose from. In addition, our staff will address your complaints and inquiries promptly. 

Buy premium hemp flowers from us, a trusted B2B CBD flower supplier. 

Please reach out to Pineapple Society at 541-223-9566 to shop our organic, high-quality CBD flower and CBD-infused coffee.

Cbd Flower Wholesale Suppliers

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